Laura Kask


Proud of Enabling Innovation

MA in Law,

PhD Candidate

Even grand designs need a legal framework. I joined Proud Engineers to help export the Estonian experience in building a digital nation. How do I enable innovation? Through policy and legal frameworks. Engineers think they rule the world, lawyers think they create the framework for tech solutions. I am the one who understands both.


I was the legal architect for creating the first data embassy in the world. Estonia’s cloud policy requires data continuity and service functionality. Paperless government should keep running, regardless of physical or virtual threats. So, our government decided to create data embassies abroad, starting with Luxembourg. All you need is server racks and an internet cable, right? Wrong. The legal concept didn’t exist. There was no framework for that. It took three years of labyrinths and dead ends. When the Vienna Conventions were signed, digital wasn’t a thing. But we did it. One of my proudest moments.


I see every challenge as a project. In fact, I see myself more as a project manager than a lawyer. In this, I’m inspired by smart, forward-looking and witty people. Those who look for solutions and are able to ask why.


When I start something, I don’t quit. I’ve ever only given up on two books. Currently I’m working on a PhD in Law. It’s so cool, there’s nothing dull about it!

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