Florian Marcus


Proud of communicating Change

MA in Politics and Security from University College London

Digital transformation is about reading between the lines. Building a digital society is about tech as much as it is about societal change. Engaging stakeholders and making sure that everybody understands that they’re in the same boat are of paramount importance to me. I study the world so you don’t have to. Thinking about creating a Digitalisation Ministry to implement changes across the board? That might trigger a “don’t tell me how to do my job” mentality in other government agencies when that Ministry comes in to save the day. Or have you considered establishing a decentralised IT budgeting because it works well in a neighbouring country? Well, in your country it might just bog down into a stalemate. I am here to find out which path works best for you. I enjoy ticking the boxes that you didn’t even know existed. I have joined Proud Engineers because my ethos aligns with the firm – we go above and beyond today so you won’t have to fight unnecessary battles several years down the road. This is a skill that you can’t study; it has developed with years of experience in creating the foundation for digital societies to flourish around the world.
Florian.Marcus @proudengineers.com