Andres Kütt


Proud of Architecting Things

MsC from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I’m the tech guy, the architect, the explainer. I find and design technologies to solve human challenges. After that, I explain these technologies to other people.


Architecting a country. As the system architect for Estonia, I didn’t build anything. My influence was more abstract. A bit like professorship where they don’t need you for information. Instead, you impart values, principles, and ideas. You’re a sensemaker.


A good architect’s legacy is invisible. Whether you design technologies or urban spaces, a good outcome won’t make you a star. People will feel good and get on with their lives. There is also some social responsibility, a sense of obligation to society. Making the lives of people better is more engaging than solving some corporate challenge.


Awards and nominations? I was once publicly lauded by a person I respect. What more can one hope for?

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