Proud of changing the world    

Proud Engineers helps governments and large corporations solve complicated challenges and build an inspiring digital future.


Proud Engineers is based in Estonia, widely lauded as the world’s most advanced digital nation. It is a country where people vote online, declare their taxes in three minutes, and invite foreigners to become e-residents, so they can run EU businesses from anywhere.


If it’s digital, Estonian and inspiring, chances are it was dreamed up by someone on our team. Led by Taavi Kotka, engineer and Estonia’s first Chief Information Officer, we have gathered the people who have shaped the Estonian digital transformation. They have invented e-residency. Automatic tax-fraud detection. The world’s first data embassy. No-legacy policy. The list goes on.

However, it takes an effort far more outreaching than programming alone to make change happen – people knowledgeable of innovative technologies, PR and legal, for instance. That is why Proud Engineers has also teamed up with the all-mighty Estonian IT family to make what we deliver even more meaningful, outstanding and tailored to your needs.


We bring our passion and everything we know with results that inspire.