Pirjo Vanem


Proud of Advocating for User

I advocate for the user. I make sure that each decision and action is evaluated, above everything else, from the user’s perspective. Only then will technical, organizational, and business considerations come in.


The individual and the system? I’ve always been enthralled by group behavior, how societies and other systems work. What creates conflict and what resolves it? Where do groups find synergies? That’s my thing. I never sought work in IT. It just so happens that technology involves systems and humans interacting with them.


Life should be simple and enjoyable. I’m motivated by the opportunity to remove obstacles and unfairness from our lives. I’m drawn to tangible things, not abstract, pie-in-the-sky ideas. I’m happy to work towards incremental improvement, it’s more sustainable in the long run. I like to learn how things work, bring in empathy, and use my skills to make the world a better place. One interaction, one product, one person at a time.

Pirjo.Vanem @ proudengineers.com